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Inbound Marketing Services

Attract and convert customers online

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Inbound marketing is all about getting found online by your target audience. It's where they're looking for the products and services that you provide. Visitors are researching online, and making up their mind, before they even talk with a sales rep. Inbound marketing helps to attract the right kind of prospects to your business to move them from the awareness stage, to the consideration stage and ultimately to the decision stage where they become customers and eventually promote your brand.

Strategy Planning

Strategic direction to help you meet your goals

  • Buyer Persona Development

    Define who your target users are

  • Audit Marketing Assets

    What content you may already have and what is needed

  • Campaign Development

    Map content to your personas and buyer's journey stages

  • Sales Process Mapping

    Define the deal pipeline based on sales process steps

  • Automation Strategies

    Sales process automation and marketing lead nurture automation

  • Reporting

    Define what reports will be needed

Onboarding Services

Best practice setup for marketing, sales & service onboarding

  • Setup Your account

    Company info, account defaults, users, connect social media

  • Setup Your Analytics

    Domain, tracking, Google Analytics, filter internal IP addresses

  • Setup Your Content Tools

    Subdomains, email sending domain, branding, blog settings

  • Setup Basic Integration

    Connect Apps found in the Marketplace

  • Customize Properties

    Contacts, companies, deals, tickets, products, quotes

  • Import Existing Data

    Import contacts and associated properties from old CRM

Technical Services

All aspects of HubSpot customization for your specific needs. 

Already Own HubSpot? We can evaluate what you currently have setup and make recommendations on improvement.

  • Custom Software Integration

    Custom App integration using Zapier or HubSpot Operations Module

  • Email Marketing 

    Create and automate marketing and sales sequence emails

  • Workflow Automation

    Setup workflows to automate everything

  • Campaign Development

    CTA, form, landing page, thank you page, follow-up email

  • Website/Landing Pages

    Create and edit landing pages, thank you pages, forms and CTA

  • Custom Reports

    Create and edit dashboards and reports to see the data you need

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