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Top 6 Requirements for an Effective Lead Capture Page


Lead Capture pages - sometimes called Landing Pages - are used to convert website visitors into leads by collecting contact information from them. 

Landing pages are your digital sales reps that work 24/7. Converting unknown visitors to known leads provides you the necessary information to begin nurturing a relationship. 

6 must-have elements of an effective lead capture page:

  1. Headline
  2. Description
  3. Image or Video
  4. Form
  5. Remove Navigation
  6. Social Share

Landing pages are the heart of the lead conversion process. Their sole purpose is to convert website visitors to leads. It promotes visitors to fill out a form with their information in order to get it. Landing pages work because they're based on a value exchange. 

Here are the 6 must-have elements:

1. Killer Headlines

Write clear, concise, compelling headlines that are persuasive. Examples include:

  • Free Trial
  • Free Download
  • Register

2. Brief Description of the Offer

Explain the offer and it's value in 1-5 sentences. It's always good to start with a question that they may have and describe how the offer will help.

  • Ask them a question(s)
  • Explain the value proposition
  • Include bullet points

3. Supporting Image or Video

Offers with images or videos have higher conversion rates. They can actually see what they will be getting. 

  • Include at least one image or video
  • Image/video should depict what the offer is
  • Place above the fold

4. Form

Most importantly is the form to capture leads

  • Form length to mirror the value of the offer
  • All fields listed do not need to be required (*)
  • Use a descriptive word(s) for them to "submit" the form

5. Remove Navigation

There should be no menu or navigation links. No distractions to take them away from the offer. 

  • Remove main website navigation menu - Home | About Us | Blog | Etc.
  • Remove website footer navigation 
  • Remove company logo navigation to the home page if setup

6. Social Share

Let visitors share the offer with their networks of contacts! 
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Marketers see a 55% increase in leads when increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15. 

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